Why the Best Professional Photographers Cost More

And why you should hire them...

Posted 16 December 2023 

Whilst controlling costs (and the drive to keeping them as low as possible is important), naturally, no one wants to spend more than they feel they have to. However, when it comes to professional photography, a lot of buyers believe that they should pay as little as possible for great imaging. It's almost as if photography is not considered to be a high value (or valued) skill or service. However, that could not be further from the truth.

We all appreciate that car mechanics, garages, plumbers or electricians cost on average £90 per hour for their labour, plus parts plus VAT. Whilst everyone draws a sharp intake of breath when presented the bill, customers of those services both expect and accept that they will need to dig deep into their pockets. However, it does not seem to be the case when it comes to professional photography. 

Perhaps it is because there are so many photographers out there in the market place? Perhaps because to trade as a 'professional' photographer, they aren't required to train or need any recognised qualifications in order to work. Young photographers are normally willing to work for next to nothing in order to get into the industry and get noticed - a fact understandably exploited by some buyers of photography. 

However, as a business in need of high quality photography & imaging (such as drone and video services), is hiring an inexperienced photographer willing to work for rates which are below the legal minimum wage such a good idea? This might make a low cost deal seem like a cost effective use of money, but unfortunately, it rarely is. The results can be disappointing and prove not to be really fit for the purposes designed for. Then another more experienced photographer needs to be found and hired to actually get the job done which results in both time and money being wasted.  

So why do the best photographers charge higher fees and why should you hire them instead?


Getting the job done right, first time, every time 


Excellent Images require excellent equipment and that doesn't come cheap

Whilst it is not all about the kit a photographer uses ( I discussed that bit in the Experience and Creative segments above), in order for a photographer to maximise their creativity to the max, they need the best tools available to be able to achieve that. Tools which are far from cheap. 

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